Transactional Aviation and Drone Law

Westfall, LLC is highly respected by clients throughout Georgia and the United States for its handling of commercial aircraft transactions and aircraft-related matters. Our attorneys regularly counsel clients on legal issues that are specific to the aviation industry, including:

  • Aircraft financing and leasing
  • Aircraft sales and purchases, including piston aircraft, jets and helicopters
  • Aviation policy formation
  • Business aviation
  • Commercial drone operations, including Section 107 operation and Section 333 Exemptions
  • Disputes involving aircraft transactions and accidents
  • Formation of companies for the purchase of aircraft
  • General representation of FBOs and flight schools
  • Fuel farm and hangar construction, purchases, leasing and financing
  • Resolution of Aircraft Registration issues
  • Resolution of lien conflicts with the IRS

Our Aviation attorneys offer a strong blend of legal acumen and industry knowledge. In addition to extensive background in aviation-related legal matters, some of our aviation attorneys are licensed pilots and have worked in other areas of the industry.